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HEY LOOK I'M DOING SOMETHING by pokepanda HEY LOOK I'M DOING SOMETHING :iconpokepanda:pokepanda 1 1 New Lil Sketch: the Slufa by pokepanda New Lil Sketch: the Slufa :iconpokepanda:pokepanda 1 6
The Enigmatic Lure of dA
Why am I so drawn to this place?
What has to happen to drive me away?
Why am I questioning my loyalty to a place made for me?
I've been pushed around, betrayed, verbally abused.
Forged false friendships, become hated by many, and much much more.
I've made enemies, and met a lot of d****
Ever since I joined my self-esteem has dropped to below zero,
Suicidal thoughts have popped up like crazy,
I cry myself to sleep every night.
I used to think I was the cream of the crop,
but now I'm nothing.
I was better off ignorant,
Doodling with pride.
Why can I not leave?
I plan to leave every night,
But wake up to start my deviantArt routine all over again.
I'm failing the ninth grade,
But I don't care because I'm talking to people I admire yet barely know.
Always always always, the random person on my watchlist gets what I've been working towards for years.
I hate it and just want to forget, but I come right back to get my daily fix.
I aspire to become a Gallery Moderator,
But I've bar
:iconpokepanda:pokepanda 1 16
Sticky is icky,
Clean is mean,
But rice is nice :P
:iconpokepanda:pokepanda 0 50
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United States
I'm a nerdy girl who likes mythology, creature design, character design, and monsters, especially werewolves. (old fashion and the modern less monster-ish type)

In terms of art, I've been literally drawing since I could pick up a pencil, with my earliest existing piece of me and Barney, (yes the dinosaur...) with him in realistic dinosaur to human size proportions. Ever since I've been very passionate about art. Drawing and photography are my main passions, however I hope to pursue many areas of art.

Current Residence: Southern Cali
Favourite genre of music: Classical and upbeat Jazz
Operating System: Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iPhone
Personal Quote: "Sticky is icky, Clean is mean, But rice is nice" -Me, haha
  • Playing: Pokemon Games
  • Eating: Orange Chocolate
Okay, so I haven't really been on for a while, mostly because of v7, though I doubt anyone noticed my absence, considering I logged on a little bit every couple days to reply to messages. It's not like I intended to leave or anything either, I've been sucked into my video games, which all but one are Pokemon. The number one game is Soul Silver, which is especially soul-sucking, especially since Silver was not only my first Pokemon game, but it was also the first game that I was ever allowed to play for more than half a minute. Ah, the memories...

Alright so onto the next thing, I'm desperate some opinions on various ideas of mine. If you are interested, comment or note me, and let me know what intrigues you on the list bellow, and I will give you details for what I'd like your opinion on.
Here are some things I'm looking for opinions on:
-Noinaahli: she's probably one of the most complex characters of mine, as she is the creator of an entire universe. An interesting thing is that she is arrogant, lazy, and leaves lesser beings to tend to her duties while she sits on her butt playing video games and picking up on trends through the internet. And yes while she may come off as a possible alter ego of myself at first, she simply has several similarities. In truth, she is just someone who I'd love as a best friend. She also creates creatures just so they can do her bidding and serve her in ways they are specially designed for.
-Lillith and her family: originally an excuse to make a "humanoid" fish monster, she has gained a few forms, which are more transition stages from human to full on monster. I have also given her a backstory and an official family, including a mother, father, and a sister. I've even set their nationality, which is rare for me at this point.
-Phoebe: she is Lillith's best friend and fellow fish monster, nobody truly knows where she came from, just that she was born weird, presumably in the sea as well. However as she is amphibious, and has traits of both freshwater and saltwater, it's anyone's guess where she started out. She could've been born in a pond and travelled miles to find the sea for all we know. She is stuck as a monster with only one form, however she and Lillith enjoy coming to the surface often to scare people and cause mischief.
-Liam and Bundy: while they aren't very similar in personality, and they don't generally cross paths, they are both living animal plush dolls. While Liam just wants a little girl that'll love him and brush his faux fur, his morbid appearance always lands him with the emo girls. On the other hand Bundy is a bloodthirsty murderer who couldn't care less what person takes him home as long as he gets a meal. Something the two have in common however, is that they will both end up on the shelves looking for a new owner, or in Bundy's case, a new victim.
-Me Pirate Characters: arrrgh, these guys are numerous, and while the description of them might sound lame, they are a dangerous force. Should I actually draw them out, they probably wouldn't seem so dumb.
-My TV Show Ideas: this is only for a select few, however I just have to let other people know about it, so I just may share if I don't get enough inquiries on it.
-Cuddles: a cuttlefish (original name right?) that can shapeshift. There are several interesting points given to it that I don't do for any other shapeshifter character. He/she/it has no gender, btw.
-Several "Yummy Bunch" Characters: there are several so I'll just list them if you have any inquiries.
-Art Projects: I have a few of them that I can think of off the top of my head, however one requires knowledge of characters that have as of yet been unmentioned to anyone, and the other is a memory that's been implanted in my mind and it isn't...well...pretty. Nothing in terms of gore, but a thought that you can never forget.
-Super Hero Characters: all ridiculous, just for the fun of it. The way political figures are represented should not be taken as my view on them, just how I thought it would be funny for them to look.

And, that's all I can think of. If there are any other characters you'd like to know about or learn more about, ask. I'm looking for opinions on my characters and various other ideas after all, and if there's one that sounded more intriguing that you saw on my list talk to me about it. If you'd like to see my list, ask. However I'll be simplifying each entry for the sake of your computer.

There are also things that I need help on in terms of the naming and making-my-mind-up department.

Message me for anything on this!


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